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Ancre 2

the coral reef memo

Design: Lola Massé & Lise Fourny
Scientific supervision: Pascale Chabanet
Illustration: Helene Let

This game is played according to the classic memory game rules but the pairs of cards are not identical. They each illustrate an action that threatens the coral reef and its alternative to raise awareness on the actions we can take at our level and thus participate in the protection of coral reefs.

This game is designed by the Research Institute for Development (IRD), whose one of the objectives is to strengthen the links between science and society by transmitting scientific knowledge to the public.


Check out some cards from the game below.

rules of the game

2 to 8 players

Shuffle and spread the cards face down on the table, arrange them in rows. Player 1 starts and turns over a red card and a green card:

1) If the 2 cards form a pair with the same title, one shows the "bad action", the other, its alternative: the player keeps the pair and can play again;

2) If the cards do not form a pair, the player puts them back face down on the table. It is player 2's turn to turn over 2 cards of their choice.

When the players have collected all the pairs of cards, the game is over. The player with the most pairs wins.

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