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Who am I ?

My story

I am Helene Let, illustrator since 2018, I always have a thousand ideas in mind and I switch between scientific precision and the creativity of children illustration with a daily joie de vivre. You will recognize my work by their blue and purple tones, often imbued with nature and a hint of magic.


atypical path

Curious about everything, and constantly swinging between my childhood passions for drawing and biology, I finally chose to follow my own path and not give up on anything I could have regretted.

Everything seems to oppose them, but I feel arts and sciences meet and complement each other perfectly!

Graduated in animation films in 2016, I studied images, statics and in motion, and developed a love for color and narration.

I worked for studios in New Caledonia and Paris before my wish for independence and creative freedom made me start a carrer as a freelance illustratator in 2018. First for children literature, then little by little, for science illustration.
To satisfy my curiosity and understand the scientists' point of view in my work, I started a biology degree in 2020.

My story can be seen on a world map between my native place, Reunion Island, New Caledonia, Marseille and Paris. Each of these (French) places touched me in their own ways and had a strong influence on my work.

my values





Permanent good mood


Initially, I wanted to be a "Pirate Queen when I grow up". I'm not giving up, we have to believe in our dreams!


  • I have been growing a bit a madness and an unfailing sense of humor since 1993.

  • My heart remains heavy when I picture a velociraptor with feathers. Jurassic Park did not prepare us for paleontological discoveries...

  • My parents used to encourage me a lot to read, when I was 12 yo, my father gave me a book written by Maupassant, unusual present for a teenage girl. My favorite book? "Dangerous Liaisons" by Laclos, discovered in high school, it made me love classic literature!

  • I love rain, especially when it's noisy!​

  • My dream projects? Drawing for a Natural History Museum, illustrating a popular science book for children and drawing a pirate story.

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