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Helene Let - illustration jeunesse et scientifique - baleine bleue, blue whale

HelenE let illustration

Children & Sciences
Illustration jeunesse scientifique Helene Let
Helene Letourneur


I'm Helene Let, I'm an artist, a biology student, but above all, a visual storyteller.

Inspired by our imagination or the wonders of our world, my illustrations tell your stories.

my services

From art direction to the illustrations, my universe is focused on storytelling.
What inspires me? To make people dream, move and promote learning or understanding through beautiful images.


I draw illustrations that enrich tales and stories, text supports to invite readers to dream.

Let's design playful and poetic visuals together to promote research and popularize scientific knowledge.

Illustration scientifique de neurologie pour l'institut Pasteur, illustré par Helene Letourneur

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