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Hi! I'm Helene Let, I'm freelance illustrator and visual development artist for animation films. I've been working on projects for DISNEY, GULLI, ANKAMA, SHANGRI-LA hotels, TEXTITOVES EDITIONS, NEW-CALEDONIA UNIVERSITY, LILI GRAFFITI,  LINCKS,  ALEPH EDITIONS...

I studied 3D animation films for 5 years at LISAA PARIS. I was director, art director and illustrator on my short film AUTUMN, which was top of the year and biggest success of the school in 18 years of animation study!

It was also selected by more than 32 festivals around the world, and lucky winner of 4 awards!

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I worked in studios in New-Caledonia and Paris, and after a few years in animation industry, I dreamed about independence and creative freedom, so I decided to start a career as freelance illustrator.

I realize illustrations, covers, posters, logos and cards for publishing houses, studios, compagnies and private persons as well.

I grew up in several places, all french: Réunion Island (near Madagascar), New Caledonia (near Australia), Marseille (south of France) and Paris (come on, Paris, you know where it is!), all these places have highly influenced my work: I like nothing more than colorful illustrations, intense lightings, exotic or strange landscapes, elegant and sophisticated women or ethnic characters. 
I mainly use digital, ink and color pencils.

Now that you know a bit about my work and I, please contact me on the CONTACT page, for enquiries or illustration project, you can also use:


Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hear about you!